House EP

by Blood is the Mortar

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Debut EP by one man black metal project Blood is the Mortar.

A tour of a haunted house and some of the ghosts who reside there. Blackened, sometimes sludgy metal from Michigan.

Recently remastered for better sound quality.


released September 27, 2014

Nicrophiliac - All music and composition. Lyrics on Deceit and A Haunting.
Kelceephonics - Lyrics on Eternal Fate and Deceit



all rights reserved


Blood is the Mortar Muskegon, Michigan

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Track Name: Eternal Fate
there are decades of decay and destruction, in our foundation.
the soil stained red with the blood of the damned.
Pillars constructed on tombs of perjury, a temple where the dead are confined,
Innocence is encapsulated in the structres here, robbed too soon from those unwilling to give,
only to be veiled by those lusting for murder, craving the control of the kill.
If walls could talk, you'd hear it all, the way that they try to get out,
Death lives inside the floor boards here, they don't know there is no escape. It's an eternal fate.
This chamber is their prison for the crime they didn't commmit, their lives sacrificed for the pleasure of another.
Oh what a fate that is,
whats the point of existing, if there is no life to live?
Track Name: Deceit
this treachery will not go unpunished,
this betrayal has been unveiled. 
The putrid scent of deception, lingers on your skin, and you wear your infidelity so well. 
Your shame is deplorable, there is nothing left to save you now. 
I’ll purge the blood from your body, i’ll create a river and let you drown. 
My humility has been corrupted, I feel only satisfaction for your pain. 
This will end with your destruction, your repenting was in vain. 
There is nothing left to save you now, nothing left at all. 
Your deceit, my dear is fatal. 
I feel my finger on the trigger. The blood rushes through my veins. I can feel it swell behind my eyes as a flutter runs through my heart. I swallow it. I ignore it. I return to cold calculation.
This is the end. I’ve had enough. Both of you will die and your blood will stain the sheets youve deflowered. My mind floods with tender images as i pull the trigger on you and the harlot
Track Name: A Haunting
You can bury me but that will not defeat my memory. I will linger here forever. I will haunt your dreams and every waking moment. It was not my choice but I embrace this destiny. I will make you suffer for what you’ve done. You said you loved me then you killed me. You tried to erase what we have made. Now I will never leave your side. I will not remain in my shallow grave.

I have more purpose now than I ever had in waking life. My purpose now is to inflict punishment. In life I was wasted and I was withering. Now I am strong. Now I control you, like I always wanted to.

And so I’ll torture you. Ands so I’ll haunt you. I need to make my life mean something. You kill our child with me and put us underground. The child was my life, was my meaning, but you destroyed it and now all I have left is you.